From a delicious variety of Kibbeh, Baba Ghanouj, hummuses, and Tabouleh, you'll taste the rich history and passion that Ibtisam and her family put into preparing every dish from scratch.


Olive Tree offers a delicious variety of Syrian middle eastern cuisine mainly using eggplant, zucchini, garlic, meat (mostly lamb), chickpeas, vine leaves, olive oils, and pistachios. You'll find dishes including Kabab Halabi and Mlokhiya cooked with chicken or lamb to be flavorful and exceptionally prepared and plated. 


There is a huge tradition of culture and history behind every dish. From the most delicious and beautiful hummus to over eight different Kibbeh dishes you will taste the extraordinary flavor in every bite. 

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The desserts prepared fresh daily, are as lovely as they are delectable. You must try our Pistachio Bird's Nests or the Walnut Baklava. 


Olive Tree brings you delicious, healthy, and wholesome food–that you love. With all the middle eastern favorites prepared with passion and precision.